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Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy Sessions online


These sessions are designed for people who want to know themselves better, learn about their body’s wisdom and to practice movement at the most convenient time and place. In order to have a session with a somatic therapy practitioner you will only need a device with a video camera, Internet, some privacy and, mostly, your wish to hear your body speak.


Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy covers a variety of methods and modalities (developmental movement patterns, authentic movement, somatic psychology, touch and etc.). Therefore, we apply methods that are most efficient in a given situation. Each session is very individual – we work with what emerges in the moment, respecting client’s wishes and goals.

Even though it is not possible to experience live touch in an online set-up, somatic therapy sessions invite clients to yield into the presence and experience being ‘here and now’ by tracking bodily sensations and body feelings and exploring them through a guided somatic meditation. During the sessions we use dialogue as well as associations, imagery, sounds, movement and intuitive touch by a client on their own body in ways that are preferred in the moment.


Online sessions can help to:

  • establish a more profound knowledge of your own body and yourself in the body

  • accept your body and feelings

  • find safe and resourceful places within your body

  • learn how to use bodily resources in your daily life

  • embody your experience while attending psychotherapy and/or after it

  • calm down and relax

  • ground yourself and return to your core

  • reinforce a body-mind connection

  • learn to meditate by witnessing your body


Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy practitioners working online:

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