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Breath of a dragon

The Christmas period is truly extraordinary and special.

On long dark evenings, we can embrace experiences that are full of mysteries. Walking in the dark on the forest path, we can hear echoes, creaking, rustling... If we listen carefully, we can recognize it - the Spirit of the Forest. This wisdom breathing creature whispers gently, speaking to us. If we are not afraid of it, our eyes catch the aquamarine corner of the cape of a little sprite next to a a small Christmas tree. As we walk further, we hear a cheerful melody hummed by a forest gnome behind the hill. And if we have deep trust in us, we can feel the gentle breath of a silver dragon resting nearby, with all of our body. Soon a subtle shimmering surrounds us - the dragon took a deep breath, and the roaring fire inside it, passing through its powerful nostrils, turned into a diamond mist. People say his eyes are two glaciers, his tail reaches another world, and his mouth is a gateway to secrets. A long time ago, it was known that by looking directly into the eyes of a person, the dragon could know and fulfill the deepest desires of the human heart. All you have to do is stay present, listen, feel the breath of the dragon and breathe together with it...

Let's welcome the Christmas period feeling trust within and sensing our breath - guarding our inner rhythm. Let's lovingly take care of ourselves and those around us.

Wishing you happy holidays,

The Embodied Practice team

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