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Embodied Practice - the space where the body speaks


Embodied Practice is Ernesta, Ingrida, Ieva, Jurga Bliss, Lana and Deimantė. We are united through practicing a conscious relation with the body, its sensations and inner processes. Our team is driven by the aspiration to live an embodied life and our actual lives are the best message to the world. We understand this practice as an ever evolving journey - a journey that we welcome anyone to join us in.


In the Embodied Practice we create space for befriending the body through various bodily awareness practices and safely meet our inner world through it. During the sessions we look for bodily resources that help to strengthen self-regulation in everyday life. We are also learning to hear the body: recognise how emotions and feelings are reflected in the body, how we can express them or calm them down. Together we are creating a possibility to experience the body as an alive, creative and ever evolving process of consciousness.


Our mission is to raise awareness in the society about the inseparable connection between the body, emotional life and mental processes. In the age of informational abundance and constant change, the ability to experience life with the whole of your being becomes vital. Depression and anxiety disorders, feelings of meaninglessness, psychosomatic issues and losing touch with reality, creativity and spontaneity are some of the symptoms indicating that the connection with the body has been lost. We deeply believe that by practicing body awareness we can lay ground for reviving our sense of self without experiencing a conflict between intellect and emotions, between the body language and the words that are spoken.


Our work is aimed at people who are looking for ways to discover and experience themselves anew and to deepen an authentic relation with self and the world. It also benefits those willing to find grounding, exploring possibilities for self-care, listening to their true needs and remember what it means to be comfortable in one‘s own skin.


In our work we first and foremost seek to create a safe environment. We respect feelings and experiences of the other person and do not rush to analyse or evaluate them. While building the connection we seek to be as authentic as possible. We listen, accept, witness and accompany a person in their process. We believe these conditions are helpful in order to meet one’s vulnerability, explore, grow and rediscover oneself.


During every group activity or individual session exploration of the body happens through movement and/ or touch, accompanied by respectful witnessing by the therapist. We listen to the bodily wisdom through sensations, associations, imagery and emotions appearing during the process. We can expand the exploration through a dialogue or in another way. This practice gives space for flexibility and improvisation. The course of the process depends on the needs of the client and the intuition of the therapist in regards to what is most alive in the present moment. Sometimes we choose to walk on a more structured path and try to understand how a specific body system operates (for example, we try to regain balance between rest and activity in our nervous system).

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