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Jurga Bliss

Body talks,

I hear it

Kūno ir judesio terapeutė Jurga Bliss

What clients and colleagues first notice about Jurga is her professionalism, attention to detail, sense of humor and her sensitive yet strong, empathic presence that is felt both in person and online. Being with her feels safe. For Jurga, no themes are forbidden and no questions or complaints are too foolish to address. Jurga accompanies her clients on their personal journeys with respect and attunement, at a pace they are ready to travel.


Jurga’s areas of professional interests lie in somatic psychology, she compassionately assists clients in finding their way towards healing in cases of: experiencing psychosomatic symptoms, autoimmune processes, looking into inner family work (subpersonalities), dealing with  attachment, boundaries and other  relationship issues (family, partnerships, including LGBT+ and non-normative relationship structures), sexuality, struggles of life abroad, in multicultural environments and etc.


Jurga lives and works in Southern Portugal. She conducts somatic therapy sessions for individual clients online and face to face in English and/or Lithuanian, facilitates Authentic Movement and somatic movement exploration groups. She has multicultural experience, is a mother of four children, two of whom are already adults.  


Jurga has long-standing experience of working with people. During the first decade of her working life, she focused on deepening the knowledge in Human Resource Management, working as a business consultant specialising in employee motivation and remuneration.  However, feeling a lack of deep and authentic connection with herself and others in this sphere, Jurga longed for a space where one could meet with our humanity, vulnerability and explore the depth of the inner world. Her experience suggested that finding answers within the mind  was not enough. Understanding what, why, how is great but transforming that into an embodied, practical experience which can produce real change is qualitatively another step. That is where Somatic Therapy entered Jurga’s life. 

After studying and applying Holistic Pulsing, Tibetan massage, and other bodywork techniques that have a more holistic approach, in 2017 Jurga enrolled in a three-year-programme of somatic therapy at the Institute for Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy, London, UK from which she has since graduated.


2016 - now

Holistic bodyworker, Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy practitioner in private practice. Individual somatic therapy sessions and facilitating group sessions in Portugal and Lithuania.

2000 - 2013      

Work in Project Management and Human Resources Management Consultant positions in business consulting and market research companies.


2017 - 2020  

Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy programme, Cert IBMT, The Institute for Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy, London, UK

1998 - 2003

Bachelor of Political Science, The Institute of International Relations and Political Science, Vilnius University



Somatic Resourcing. Body Presence, Movement Resourcing. Jane Okondo private practice ( )


Tibetan medicine and Western medicine approach. Digestive system, Dr. V. Orlov, The Academy of Tibetan Medicine, Vilnius


Introduction to Psychology. University of Toronto, online course


Ku-Nye Tibetan massage, Level I. The Academy of Tibetan Medicine, Vilnius


Holistic pulsing and bodywork. “Zinija” Society, Vilnius

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