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I believe in wisdom of the body


From long walks in the forest, caressing the trees of ancient woods with a glance, stopping to hug them 


From fresh air that nurtures and every second reminds of the miracle of life


From feeling the ground - wherever in the world that might be - under the feet, mindfully making every step 


From allowing sounds of nature - murmur of waves, clatter of jungle and rampage of wind to envelope the body and resonate with the calm and storms of the inner ocean


From all that Ieva comes to meet another Human Being, trusting the body wisdom as a unique and very necessary part of nature. Believing, respecting and knowing only one thing for a fact - it can be in all the ways. And it is in all the ways. Ieva is endlessly fascinated by the differences and uniqueness of every person. She sees bodywork and movement therapy as a way for a person to discover more possibilities to live a more qualitative and balanced life - with their environment, their loved ones and most importantly, with themselves. 


Holistic approach is part of Ieva’s outlook for many years. After starting to study aromatherapy with Laimė Kiškūnė, she proceeded into studies of art of touch and became a professional massage therapist. While working she could see that regard, attentiveness and hearing the needs of her clients can become powerful attendants in the journey towards the person’s inner depth. Ieva is constantly deepening her knowledge in massage techniques and she finds space to integrate bodywork and movement therapy methods into her work. She also applies them in her custom-made lessons of African dance. She equals dance with joy of life. Ieva has chosen a dance culture that has a long history - music and dance art of Western Africa, and she consistently explores it, discovering more and more treasures there and sharing them with people of Lithuania. 


Meditation is also a part of Ieva’s everyday life. As time goes by, it becomes more and more simple and helps to return to the body, it’s experiences and abilities as a huge resource. Meditation intertwines with bodywork and movement therapy, both of those - with everyday actions and gets further harmoniously integrated into the everyday. Ieva believes that the usual life is full of miracles and sometimes in order to see them one needs to embark on a journey - an authentic and very interesting one. 


Ieva facilitates face to face and online sessions for adults individually as well as in groups and creates art projects.



2020 – now
Assistant in the program of the Institute for Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy


2020  - now
Individual Bodywork and Movement Therapy practice


2015 – now

Dance teacher in her private dance studio “African dance” 


2013 – now

Practitioner in her private massage and aromatherapy studio “Ievos Pievos”




2017 - 2020 

Somatic Therapy program, the Institute for Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy, UK, London


2014 - 2016

Profession of Massage Therapist. Professional Education Center of Karalius Mindaugas. Kaunas, Lithuania 



Bachelor of Information and Communication. Vilniaus University, Lithuania  


Cornelia Schmitz, Germany

Jane Okondo, UK

Oumar Quattara, Ivory Coast

Babara Bangoura, Guinea 

Laimė Kiškūnė, Lithuania

Renata Kaminskienė, Lithuania

Edita Gečevska, Lithuania

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"Ieva is always looking closer to the source. If she is studying something, goes deeper into something, practices something, she always looks for the source, so that the teaching and acquired knowledge would be as authentic and pure, as possible."


— Ernesta Skeberė,

    Bodywork and Movement Therapy Practitioner


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